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Let your wounds become your wings

  Home sweet home🏡by Rachel Wood 

I went through the process of working with my new body & trying to accept the changes & weird feelings while healing at the same time. Always remaining positive but deep down scared at how I was going to look once everything was settled. I had to get used to remembering to'charge myself' every night & charge the charger every weekish as I have a rechargeable battery fitted.

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Bionic woman in progress 😜

The pain wasn't too bad to begin with in comparison to my other surgeries. My stomach was the worst, my head was just tight mainly but hurt if I laughed or pulled an expression. It's amazing how much of your head & scalp is involved when you make an expression. It was more discomfort mostly, with the odd painful feeling but this did worsen through the night. It was hard to sleep as the wires down the left side back of my head were too painful to sleep on.

The operation! Deep Brain Stimulation

My journey so far! So exactly a week today I had my operation, I went in to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield the day before which I'd been dreading since been given the date just after Christmas. I'd Had... Continue Reading →

First blog post

So ... my first blog! Hi, this is me - Rachel. Thank you for taking a look. This is rather strange and a little scary. Where to start?! I turned forty on the 12th of January and decided that I'd like to open up and reach out to others about my, how do I put it ... my crazy but wonderful life!

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