About me!

1. The quality or condition of being imperfect
2. Perfect at being imperfect


The Imperfectionist-that’s me! Why? Quite simply, I’m a perfectionist in an imperfect body. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of four years old and started experiencing Dystonia symptoms from 19; although this wasn’t diagnosed till a few years later. I have spent most of my life in the closet so to speak and tried to hide both the physical and emotional effects of these conditions. I managed to do this by focusing on what I can control rather than the conditions which try and control me. This is where the Imperfectionist name comes from. I  have always worked hard to stay as healthy as possible despite my diagnosed conditions, and help my body to function to the best of its ability by looking after it from the inside out. I will not let my conditions define who I am. Instead, I use them to inspire me to be the best I can be regardless!

Having just turned 40, and facing one of the biggest operations to date and the complete unknown, I’ve decided to break free, break the silence and share my story.
Part of my journey is to write this blog, and in doing so I am ‘coming out’ as my Dystonia has been a secret of mine from even the closest people to me! I can’t hide it any longer as the operation is round the corner and my boyfriend and close friends have yet to understand why on earth I’ve just decided to have ‘brain surgery’! Also,
it will enable me to let my guard down and share the journey of my life events, and the surgery I’m about to face-and future ones!
I hope that the process of sharing my inner thoughts and feelings will help others in similar situations to realise that they are not alone, and hopefully that neither am I! Also, after being complemented often on how (ironically) young and healthy I look and being asked ‘what’s my secret?’ I have been inspired to go back to university and study nutrition. Through lots of research, I have come to realise that the connection between nutrition and healing/health is no fluke. I believe I have managed my conditions for as long as I have, due to my lifestyle choices. I now want to help others to do the same by opening up and sharing how I try and stay well. Hope you enjoy following my crazy tales and healthy lifestyle ideas.
Rachel x